JJ Goodies products are luxury goods imported from Cashmere - India which have been carefully verified to reach Swiss quality standards.


This precious fabric is obtained by combing the underside of the Himalayan mountain Capra hircus goat. This feather-light pashmina wool enables the goat to survive temperatures less than -40C making Pashmina the finest and warmest wool on earth. To produce a pashmina, goats living at more than 4000 m height is brushed to extract the longest and most silky hairs from it, then fibers are sorted out and cleaned by hand. The hairs of pashmina goats are brougt from the Himalaya in the valley by caravan. Hairs are then spun with hands and then weaved on a wooden spun following the ancestral tradition. The obtained material is then of the color of goat, which is white. Workers then tint the white cloth with natural colors, in big buckets of water with natural colouring agent.

The pashmina is a finer variant of the wool of cashmere. Clothing marketed as pashmina may be made of 100 percent pashmina wool or it may be blended with other luxurious fibers such as silk. If blended, reputable sources will declare the percentage of each fiber present in the fabric.

100% pashmina: The "ring shawl" is a full-sized 100% pure pashmina shawl that theoretically is fine enough to pass through a ring. Longer, finer fibers are better because they are much softer. This shawl is so elegant and luxurious you'll love it at first sight. It conveys not only affluence but also taste and elegance.

Pashminas are a great addition to anybodies wardrobe because of its unique versatility; Pashminas can be worn with evening or daywear, may it be winter or summer. Whether they are worn to dress up your casual attire or used to add that extra bit of elegance to your evening gown, pashminas are truly a multipurpose, timeless addition to anyone’s wardrobe.
The cheaper products are made from acrylics, or from regular wool and cotton. Unfortunately, the word "pashmina" has acquired a rather broad generic meaning. In fact, the shawls, stoles, scarves that are most popular in the West today are woven from a blend of pashmina wool and silk, yet everyone refers them as "pashmina."


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Dry cleaning is definitely the preferred and recommanded method of washing for pashmina care. However, you can hand wash / machine hand wash occassionally if you are careful. Put the garment or the scarf in a special cover lingerie or even in a pillowcase. You should wash your cashmere if possible with a cold wash, in a delicate program.